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At Seismology OMS we don’t just undertake focused logical website planning and have fun producing engaging online design, we also offer a full suite of web services.

To meet the requirements of our diverse client base in the highly competitive market, we combine precise elements from our broad portfolio of products to create a complete solution, so aiding research and decision making, and assisting organizations to improve services, save costs and increase productivity. — Kate Henlay


Seismologyonline Media Services is an emerging online company, established in 2009 in Dubai. Our state of the art online services include Web Design, Web 2.0 Production, E-Marketing, Content Management System (CMS), flexible Website Hosting, and Analytics for your Website and Online Content Production.

We have been providing quality web services as we don’t claim but our results say it all. Companies like Better Homes LLC, Dubizzle and many others are getting our services and enjoying the pleasure of a powerful online presence on worldwide web.

Our offering is backed by the most talented professional in the region with years of experience in the online industry, twinned with an obsession for releasing online projects to the maximum possible standards. As we want to fill the long awaited gap of online service providers in Dubai.

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We believe that Seismology online would use a Creative Commons License because we want to share information generously with the community. We have licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike License.

Using a Creative Commons license means that Seismology online would grow beyond the imagination of its creators.. This astonishing achievement of the show would never have been possible without the capability, and explicit support, to share the content freely in every possible way.


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