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SNOW is an open knowledge platform for sharing higher education content.

SNOW - Open Knowledge Share Dreams —


Sookmyung Women's University launched the beta-version of SNOW. SNOW is an open knowledge platform for sharing higher education content. SNOW officially launched in March 2010, providing an open platform for its users with a variety of educational movie clips from TEDx, YouTube, and regular lectures from MIT, Wharton School, Stanford, UC Berkeley and other higher education institutions. From lectures in the humanities, sciences, design to great addresses given by global leaders, SNOW offers Korean scripts and introductions on these academic subjects, encouraging its users to participate as volunteers who can participate in the OER movement through translations, distribution and creation of their own resources. SNOW is open to all users as and is currently planning more services and improvement to the systems.

License Usage

The SNOW website applied the license CC BY-NC-SA, which requires users to attribute the creator and apply an identical license to any derivative works, for nonprofit purposes only. All contents posted on the site are shared with an embedded code and URL, including the CC license and original source.

As of February, 2010, 2,310 higher educational pieces of content were available to access via CC BY-NC-SA. SNOW contains 260 Korean script-supported lectures including 145 lectures from TED, 95 voluntarily translated by users.