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An open wiki for recipes

This wiki is meant to be a free collection of cooking and baking recipes, where everybody can add their favourite recipes in a simple way, even without registering. Also, questions surrounding food as a general topic can be discussed here, everything else will happen at the kitchen table. — Daniel Beyer


For hungry people who start losing their creativity due to a lack of energy, there are numerous recipe collections on the web already. And such a collection can of course be set up using cc licensing. Although the ideas of the recipes are in themselves not copyrightable in the first place, the creative ways to write them down surely are, as are pictures of the meals. But such legal detail doesn't really matter if everything is copyleft licensed as on the Rezepte Wiki (recipe wiki).

License Usage

The open wiki of recipes and related information is entirely cc licensed (BY-SA 2.5 generic).


To build a large and free knowledge base on the net for cooking and baking.