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Digital Magazine of Cinematic Culture in italian language.

And now I’m going to tell you about a scorpion. This scorpion wanted to cross the river, so he asked a frog to carry him. No, said the frog, no thank you. If I let you on my back you may sting me, and the sting of a scorpion is death. Now where, asked the scorpion, is the logic of that (Scorpions always try to be logical)? If I sting you, you will die and I will drown. So the frog was convinced and allowed the scorpion on his back. But just in the middle of the river he felt a terrible pain and realized that after all the scorpion had stung him. Logic, cried the dying frog as he started under, bearing the scorpion down with him, there is no logic in this! I know, said the scorpion, but I can’t help it. It’s my character. Let’s drink to character. — Mr. Arkadin by Orson Welles, France-Spain-Switzerland/1955


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