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Newsbank Image is a photograph archive website.

NewsbankImage is one of Koreas largest and most comprehensive photo-archives. — Newsbank


Newsbank Image is a photograph archive website that provides the images produced by Media companies, photographers as web-friendly version containing watermarks, original image, and marking of original creators.

The images are divided into two type of service following purpose of use; free or charge. Users can use CCL ‘web-preveiw’ image contents provided by Newsbank Image with following CCL conditions proposed by copyright holder.

License Usage

-Conditions to use: b n d (BY-NC-ND), Required to mark the original creator and to use non-profit. No copy or revise secondary products.

-Apply CCL on Preview image: Users can use the preview image(web-friendly version) contents, provided by website, only for personal use following required CCL.

-Charge service: Users use image contents to broadcast, publish, exhibit, PR, advertise, not to online personal use, only after purchase original image.


Newsbank Image website is Newbank business project online, cooperative archive of domestic major media companies, and works on its project.