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Monk Turner is a musician of eclectic taste and an approach to releasing albums that involves CC licensing through the internet archive.

With Creative Commons licenses, I have the ability to distribute albums freely to anyone in the world without the need for a distributor and without worrying that someone could be using the songs outside of their intended purpose. I couldn’t do what I do without Creative Commons. Monk Turner


Monk Turner is an L.A.-based musician that has an extensive musical background as well as a broad interest in a variety of forms of music. He has been consistently releasing concept albums online at the Internet Archive as a means to escape the constraints of traditional music composition/distribution.

License Usage

Turner releases all of his concept albums online under a CC BY-NC-ND license. They are available at his Internet Archive page.


Turner chooses to license his works under CC so that the music can be released broadly and freely without any legal complications. He chooses to use a BY-NC-ND license in order to control public displays of the works as well as to assure collaborators that what they write/record is the final version.