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Lingro is a project that aims β€œto create an on-line environment that allows anyone learning a language to quickly look up and learn the vocabulary most important to them.” Give it a web page in any language, and it spits the same page back at you with the ability to cross-reference word translations on the fly.

Paul sez, "Lingro lets you enter any webpage and make every word clickable for a translation (Boing Boing for example). There's a bookmarklet for handy access, and a simple search-as-you-type dictionary that is faster than any multilingual web dictionary out there. [...] The use-case here is people who are pretty good at reading another language, but get stuck on the occasional word (I'm this way with Spanish), but more importantly, the project builds on and releases free and open multi-lingual dictionaries, which are long overdue. β€” Cory Doctorow, Boing Boing


Lingro pools the open-content community (Wikitionary and The Shtooka Project to name two prominent sources), as well as user-contributed CC BY-SA licensed definitions, in order to gather a translation repository that is rich in both breadth and depth. By utilizing open-content and allowing a means to contribute open-content back to the community, Lingro fosters a vibrant cycle of information sharing, creating a resource that has immense potential in terms of education and cross-cultural communication.

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