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Wiki-like non-profit OER repository for teachers and content creators. In addition to traditional OER, LeMill includes activity and tool resources to aid teachers in planning their teaching.

Web community for finding, authoring and sharing open educational resources


LeMill is an online community for "finding, authoring and sharing" open educational resources (OER). LeMill was developed by the LeMill team led by the Learning Environments Research Group of Media Lab at the University of Art and Design Helsinki, Finland (currently part of Aalto University). As of September 2013, LeMill has over 40,000 teachers contributing from 71 countries and over 60,000 learning resources in 86 languages, making it one of the largest OER repositories in the world.

License Usage

LeMill resources are licensed under CC Attribution-ShareAlike. Media pieces reused as part of larger resources may also be licensed under other, more permissive licenses. An open license is a core requirement for the wiki-like editing of LeMill to be legally possible. Convincing national ministries of education on the benefits of open licenses has been a challenge.


LeMill was designed by the researches of the Learning Environments research group. They have been long proponents of web technologies and free education. All the software the team has made has been published under an OSI approved open source license. In 2006, Creative Commons was already the de facto standard for open content, so it was a natural choice. The selection of CC BY-SA was a clear decision, as the problems related to the NC clause were clear, and the wiki-like editing of LeMill would not work with the ND clause.

Technical Details

LeMill is implemented as a Zope product, and is an open source software project published under the GPL.


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