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Jim Guittard is one of those guys interested in making a mark in this world by spreading his music using the Creative Commons license. Music and writing is the best way to transform the culture into something more positive.

Good music often cannot be heard if people don’t rise up in defense of good artists. The money making machine has been in control of what music gets out. But today, artists and fans are fed up. The elite record labels are overthrown. They have no respect anymore. They are only after making the almighty buck. They care nothing about music. We, the artists, are sticking it to them. They have no authority over the artist anymore. They will not control the release of good music anymore. They rarely put out good music. The record company is irrelevant and outdated. The revolution is upon us. The fearful status quo thinking of the record company suits is over. We, the artists, have taken charge. There ARE many alternatives to getting the music out there. There is a free culture movement going on. Artists are starting to give their music away. I have have done this. The bottom line is to have the music heard. — Jim Guittard


The three albums that I have released were recorded in a lo-fi do-it-yourself fashion using a four-track recorder, adobe audition, and some makeshift instruments. The goal was to document my life through the music medium.

I have a variety of musical influences thus the albums are complete with Psychedelia, Country-Rock, Folk-Rock, and some what I call Odd-rock.

License Usage

I caught on to the Creative Commons licenses back in 2006. I have gotten pretty good results with posting my music on various sites. One of my songs was included in short film and many others have been included in podcasts and radio programs.

What I have learned is that I DO have a creative skill that must be released or it goes to waste.


Basically, I released my music the free way out of desperation of not being heard at all.


Find me at Jamendo or Last.FM.