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A new label on the CC-music scene from Sicily: Imago Sound release its catalog under CC BY-NC-SA or BY-NC-ND licenses.

Fuel up on CC! — Imago Sound


Imago Sound's not just a netlabel. It's a reference movement for new music projects. Head office in Messina (Sicily, Italy). Main objective is producing album treating music as common human resource, not a good for sale.

License Usage

We apply CC License to any album we product, then we let the artist choose if share the songs in free download over the web.


Adopting Creative Commons licenses actually meand keep up with the times. Anyone can share music by the Web, so why not allow people to do it and then decide if purchase disc to support the band?


Official site: Imago Sound Imago Sound on Last projects: MEMORIES LAB - Stronger than hate (CC 2009 - IS001), TIRESIA - When rock'n'roll was not business (CC 2009 - IS002) BLIND VIOLET - Farewell (CC 2009 - IS003), VVAA - Imago Sound Creative Compilation (CC 2009 - IS004), INTROVERSIA - Vuoto Indispensabile (CC 2009 - IS005), VVAA - Mani x Messina (CC 2009 - IS006), Tommaso Lòstia & ONE EYED JACK'S BAND - Il Freddo è uno Stato Mentale (CC 2010 - IS007), SANS PAPIER - Manuale D'Uso Per Giovani Inesperti (CC 2010 - IS008).