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IDEA CARD = tool of communication — CREVATE


IDEA CARDS is the way to expand our thinking. In each card, it includes the mind-set we need to have in order to promote ideas, the means by which we draw ideas from our observing and thinking, and the ways through we can evaluate and execute ideas. Thus, if you can utilize IDEA CARDS fully, you can realize and unleash your potentiality which even your yourself do not recognize before. Therefore it is useful for all the people like a student who needs creative change, a young professional who feels difficult in an idea discussion meeting, and just someone who is looking forward to find a new and fun activity.

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The reason for adopting CCL is to broaden the possibile coverage of IDEA CARDS users. Moreover, this is going to be more updated as feedbacks follow. Communication happens between humans. Thus it is working when it is organically organized. In that context, this is the Way because it can use online mass participation or an organic way of building creative ideas. Also, by using this collective intelligence based IDEA CARDS, we hope our national image that shows lacking creativity can be overcome eventually.