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The website of the Australian Greens Senators

We chose to use a CC license as we need people to recognise and attribute our work, whilst at the same time ensuring that the license is passed on. We cannot use a Noncommercial license, as occasionally our work will be reprinted in commercial publications. — Tim Norton, Communications & Campaigns adviser


The website of the Australian Greens elected members (as at June 2008: Senators Bob Brown, Christine Milne, Rachel Siewert, Sarah Hanson-Young & Scott Ludlam), serves as a repository for all of their work.

Parliamentary debates, media releases, speeches, campaign material, community action systems and other online campaigning tools, GreensMPs allows people to interact directly with the Greens Senators in their work.

License Usage

All content featured on the GreensMPs website is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Australia License.

The only exceptions to this are: - Website structure is built on Drupal, which is distributed under the GNU General Public License. - All content republished from Hansard remains the copyright of the Commonwealth of Australia. - Website construction, design and custom code by Monkii design studio.


Communications and campaigns adviser Tim Norton spoke at the 2006 Creative Commons Australia Industry Forum, in the session for Creative Industries on behalf of his company A New Leaf Media. In charge of developing the GreensMPs site, Tim initiated a Creative Commons policy on all online materials produced by the Senators, including their website.

This policy allows for all work on the website to be used in other ways, providing it upholds the licensing requirements.


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