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Blog-based knowledge management platform in Thailand with over 70,000 users forming a Community of Practice.

Knowledge management and social network for Community of Practice — UsableLabs, Prince of Songkla University

Overview was a pioneer of blogging service in Thailand which aimed to create an online knowledge sharing ecosystem. Run by Usable Labs in Prince of Songhua University in Songhua province, Thailand, is currently funded by Thai Health Promotion Foundation under a project which aspires to create a nationwide knowledge management platform. With more than 30,000 active users consist of social developers, medical practitioners, academics, managers and employers from public and private sectors, is the largest and most vibrant Community of Practice's blogging platform in Thailand.

License Usage allows users to select the license of their own posts. Available licenses are Copyright, Public Domain, CC by, CC by-nc, CC by-nd, CC by-sa, CC by-nc-sa, and CC by-nc-nd. Default license for entries posted prior to license selector implementation in early 2009 is Copyright, while the newly created entries use CC by-nc-sa by default. The selected license is displayed at the bottom of each entry to signify the level of rights allowed by intention of authors.

Motivations is a public service. Many users share their knowledge and experience with intention for public benefit. As such, by allowing users to select Creative Commons licenses, the intention of authors is explicitly shown to other users who find the entries useful. However the other licenses such as Copyright and Public Domain are also allowed in order to cater with different needs.

Many people behind are also supporters of Creative Commons cause. They see as a prime example of user-based license selection which help with more wide-spread adoption of Creative Commons licenses especially among individual bloggers and academics. This 'distributed' adoption model complements with organisation-centric adoption which is being carried on by Creative Commons Thailand Network.