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GiftTRAP is a board game that uses CC licensed images to create its product.

Overall CC has generated lots of free exposure for GiftTRAP. We now get over 120,000 unique visitors per month. We would not have made the game a success without CC.


GiftTRAP is a boardgame (with a variety of incarnations) that uses CC licensed photos within the game itself. Players exchange 'gifts' and each gift has a photo associated with it - most often a CC licensed photo found on Flickr.

License Usage

GiftTRAP uses CC licensed photos from Flickr within their boardgame. These photos are used because they are open and free. GiftTRAP runs a contest on their website for people to submit their photos for inclusion in the next edition of GiftTRAP.


By using CC BY licensed photos, GiftTRAP is able to use a free resource to produce their game. This saves money, time, and promotes the commons.