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Netlabel founded in 2001 by a few Portuguese folks. Operating non-profit. Have over 350 releases available free for download. Co-organized a few editions of the STFU music festival in Porto. The label is not fixed to any genre or artists from specific country. We have a demoscene background and support open source, copyleft, remix culture and internet hacktivism. Just trying to make the world a better place providing free music for free people.

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License Usage

Most of our releases (90% are under BY-NC-SA). Some of them are are BY-NC-ND and others are public domain. We been releasing music free for distribution and remixing before creative commons licenses were invented. They are great because they remove some of the grey legal area in what others can do with our releases, the usage of creative commons brought in a wave of unknown people using our releases as soundtrack for home made videos, which we love to discover and share to our fans.