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The Eleven Brothers bag design inspires and draws attention. This bag is different. This bag is extraordinary. It is even produced in a different way.

Eleven Brothers bag is produced from 324 identical rhombus-shaped elements cut from high-quality leather. The bag's handles are carved from an oak wood by a sculptor-artist. The bag is completely hand-made. Natural colors complete its composition. The name Eleven Brothers comes from a fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen entitled „Wild Swans” and serves as invitation to ponder over the fast pace of life and the increasing value of rare moments of peace and relaxation. In the future, we will supplement the Eleven Brothers bag with a range of lively colors and new patterns.

The product comes with Hedoco certificate.

From the very beginning, the key factor in our communication with the creators of Eleven Brothers bag, members of Knockoutdesign – was to allow users to make such a bag themselves under Creative Commons licenses. In a nutshell: DIY which is free and legal. — Hedoco


The Eleven Brothers Bag was designed by Knockoutdesign group and produced by Hedoco.

Knockoutdesign studio was founded in 2006. The basic premise of studio's activity is collective work of an interdisciplinary team, which allows combining the areas of product and exhibition space design with graphic design.

Hedoco is a new brand created in 2011 and owned by Modern Arts Management, Ltd, operating in the stream of open design. It comprises unique, high-quality products designed by young Polish artists and designers. Hedoco plans to introduce subsequent new products throughout the first half of 2012. These include e.g. unique fashion collections and new bag designs.

License Usage

All Hedoco products are available through CC licences.

Hedoco is the first brand in Central and Eastern Europe, which produces and sells only open-source design.


Hedoco is from the creators and for the creators – we want everyone to become a part of the creative process. Hedoco brand is for people, who are unique, special and allows them to fully express themselves. With the open design concept we are able to make our customer simultaneously receiver and co-founder of his unique style. Creative Commons provide the basis for new model of collaboration with designers and allows us to share our projects.


Freedom of choice is an essential value to us. If the client likes our products, she or he can purchase them in our shop or try to make them on hers/his own. Or one can simply see how to construct them.

Technical Details

Users can buy Hedoco products in online shop or make them themselves, for their own use. To do it, they just need to click to the “do it yourself” section of the site and download the projects or technological specifications free of charge.



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