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independent, feature, experimental, surreal


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An experimental film project from The Hill Productions.

I have been coded to insult you. — mr X


Dozer. is an experimental film project from The Hill Productions. The film was released in 2009.

Synopsis for the film: This is not an error... Can you help me? Well, can you? The Blue Screen of Death is supposed to give you information about a specific software trouble, but does it? Really? And what if the Blue Screen were a human being or, to be precise, an employee at Wal-Mart who also happens to have dreams making it as a serious film director? Or is he in to sick sleazy porno movies? Dozer will give you answers to all these questions and a lot more. Or, will it?

License Usage

The film has been licensed under Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported.


I have been using Creative Commons since my first fllm project Pentagon.


The film itself is available for free download through LegalTorrents and Internet Archive.

Images from the film are available through Flickr.