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DZ Music is a free digital label created in 2010 by the guatemalan dj and producer Ronald Díaz, to support the artistic talent in the electronic scene. Its main purpose is to share high-level productions for free, promote those artists and producers who share the ideal of a free but also professional scene.


DZ Music was launched in 2010 by Ronald Díaz, with the only purpose to share electronic dance music for free. Díaz is a guatemalan Dj and Producer since 2003. He always shared his own material via e-mail and other platforms to his close friends but his contact with the Creative Commons community gives him the tools to share his productions to more people. In june of 2010, Díaz launched "DZ Music" in a blog platform sharing one single track, one week later Mario Hernández, a young guatemalan producer, sent his demos to Díaz and after some selection work they released the ep "Mini Chocolate", ep that generated many positive feedback from the local and international electronic scene.

The objetive of DZ Music is to share electronic dance music like techno, tech-house, minimal, house, and promote the "free music culture" in the electronic scene, change the ideals of make music for money or music to fit into a "commercial scene".

Nowadays the label has released 4 compilations and is working in another material. Also started the project "Remix it" that will give the oportunity to get the remix packs from the released tracks to everybody.

License Usage

DZ Music uses the Creative Commons licences CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 in all the music released under the label, the same licence used by Díaz to share his own material before he created the label. The CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 licence gives the freedom to the DZ's artist to share their own productions to more people around the world in a legal and most serious way: under a digital label, and gives to the label the oportunity to support the artist.


The first contact with the Creative Commons licences was in 2009, and it perfectly fit into Díaz' ideals, giving him the tools to share EDM under the his label DZ Music. The CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 fits perfectly with all the ideals of DZ Music, gives the opurtunity to share and keep the credit of the artists and also permits to create derivated tracks from the originals. The mainly motivation is the love for the music and the need to share good things with everybody. In words of Díaz:

"The way we feel the music, especially the electronic music, goes beyond that commercialism or any profit. We make music to be free, bordeless and to be listened, used and shared to everybody" (Díaz, 2011)


The use of CC licences gives to DZ Music the oportunity to share music from its artists for free over the internet in a legal way, and also permits to create remixes from the original tracks, expanding the project across the world. Thanks to this expansion and the posibility to promoting all the material on many dedicated webs, DZ Music has received great feedback and support by local and international artist, like Xpansul, Flavio Díaz, Trockensaft, Luca Albano, Franco Bianco, and more, also the guatemalan label CubeRec gives its support and released music from Mario Hernández and Ronald Díaz. Also in 2011 Díaz was invited to perform at Incubate, the annual Independent Culture Festival , in Tilburg, thanks to his ideals and work to promote the free music scene.



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