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Web-based information resource for artists, theoreticians, and cultural managers.

An indispensable tool for international co-operation in the field of arts and culture! — Bang! Petition


Artservis (online since 2001) supports independent and professional operation of individuals and organisations in the field of contemporary arts. Its main goal is to enhance the availability of relevant information. The enhancement is based on solidary sharing of information.

  • Artservis offers:
  • current and archived information on funding sources, opportunities for creative and professional collaboration, and educational programmes (Database, Links - Slovene & English);
  • dispatches of new entries or changes on the entire web site (Newsletter - Slovene / English);
  • manual with the instructions and advice on administrative, financial, legal aspects of contemporary art production (in Slovene only)

Artservis is openly accessible and free of charge.

License Usage

Between 2001 and 2005 Artservis practiced the copy-left policy. With the introduction of the CC licences in Slovenia it adopted the BY-NC licence for the Data Base and Newsletter content, and BY-NC-ND for the Manual and Context content.


Artservis is an online media which serves as a practical grass-roots tool that empowers individuals by sharing relevant information and advice. It relies on the open flow of information and tailors it to the needs of the people involved in contemporary arts. Its main qualities are sustainability and openess (no charge or even registration is requested from the users). The CC licences enable any user to understand the conditions of re/use.

Sustainability, however, is not secured so Artservis is fighting to keep the conditions above unaltered. Currently there's a petition Bang! opened in support. Artservis has also initiated formation of a new network InSEEcp for the independent cultural portals in the SEE region.


Artservis is a text-based interactive resource.