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CC Argentina, CC Chile
A database of authors and works in the public domain in Uruguay, Argentina and Chile [1][2]
CC Netherlands
Creative Commons Netherlands/Kennisland co-organises a meetup of likeminded organisation to discuss standardising fingerprinting to create a marketplace of open fingerprinting technologies and hashes. [3]
CC Portugal
A CC-licensed performance about the complexity of copyright, exposing how ridiculous it sometimes becomes, together with a repository of CC-licensed dramatic works.).
CC Ethiopia
Project Luwi aims to create a community with the culture that utilizes and shares open content, through a series of workshops and events. [4]
CC Uruguay
Semana de la Música Libre[5]
CC UK, CC Ireland
Providing information to startups on how to use CC in their businesses [6]
CC Romania
Remixing together CC-licenced privacy awareness videos in multiple languages.
CC Poland, CC Netherlands
Organising a copyright reform advocacy workshop through the School of Rock(ing) Copyright concept in Portugal during the CC Europe meeting.[7]
CC Columbia, CC Chili, CC Uruguay, CC El Salvador
Creación de un podcast, integrado por cartas en formato sonoro, que conectan a una audiencia global con diversos capítulos Creative Commons de Latinoamérica y colectivos de la región que trabajan en líneas de la cultura libre.[8][9]
CC Belarus, CC Ukraine
International meeting for sharing experiences and creating a series of “how to” guidelines in Belarusian and Ukrainian languages.on integrating CC licenses in institutional workflows (e.g. GLAMs, NGOs) and on how to use CC licenses targeting creative communities and content creators. [10]
CC Mongolia
Introduction of CC licenses to promote national culture and language in Buryat Republic of Russia [11]
CC Nigeria
Taking Creative Commons to the policy makers in Nigeria [12]
CC Arab World
Workshop for Arab creators on how to use Open data and cc content to curate content
CC Tanzania
Regional offices in CC TZ[13][14][15]
CC Portugal
Farmlabs is a CC-licensed online repository about Open Agriculture Practices through hardware and software.
CC Togo, CC Benin
Promote Creative commons in West African French Countries (Togo, Benin) [16][17]
CC Paraguay
Dissemination of Free Culture of Paraguay
CC Rwanda
Reviving CC Rwanda: Evaluation of CC activities and launching Great Lakes (GL) School of open project
CC Uganda
A salon for affiliates to share whats happening and develop a website so we can be able to share work and CC related events and news in a central place.
CC Austria
Creation of printables to distribute at events such as the license-chooser-wheel from our CC Finland and would like to a) translate them to german and b) produce as many as the budget allows.[18]
Launch CC UK and public event during the Open Access week.[19]
Open Foundation West Africa
CC Salon for the creative arts and music industry experts[20]
CC Israel
Organisation of two CC events[21]
CC Indonesia
CCID Free Culture Festival: Celebration of Freedom of Sharing in Indonesia [22]
CC Japan
Newest Beats from Japanese Traditional Culture
CC Slovenia
Do you speak CC?' - updating the Slovenian translation CC licensing tools and 4.0 licences, consultation meeting on open content with stakeholders in GLAM public sector bound by EU Digital Agenda
CC Greece
Production of CC leaflets translated in Greek
CC Morocco CC Nord Africa
This awesome fund will help translate fees to french and print of DVD & CD of “The Long Road To the Hall of Fame” for CC (french audience) France / Belgium/ Nord Africa / Canada.