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To better support and more engage with our global affiliates and communities, CC is pleased to announce "CC Translation Sprint," which is to be run as part of the a number of initiatives aimed at strengthening and supporting the work of CC’s Global Affiliate Network to promote the broad understanding and adoption of open policies and related practices around the world.


You can probably find some nice CC educational/informational materials available on CC wiki or shared by open communities, but they are not always in your local languages. Your team might find it hard to develop materials in your local language from scratch, or even to just translate resources already out there for your use, especially for young communities with limited number of volunteers.

This is where the Translation Sprint comes in!

CC HQ plans to run a short, fun collaborative translation project, designed to help teams build their translation skills and increase the availability of CC resources in languages other than English. By running an easy-to-join initiative, with rewards for participating teams, we hope to not onlt translate a range of CC informational resources into widely spoken languages in collaboration with affiliates, but also to encourage ongoing translation of such resources in the longer term.

In the CC Translation Sprint, CC's global affiliates and communities are invited to translate two simple, handy pamphlets containing basic information about CC licenses - one for six CC licenses and the other for Public Domain.

  • Project period: From August 23rd to September 30th, 2013
  • Project details: Translate 2 materials chosen by CC HQ into a language other than English
  • Materials: Texts in the two pamphlets on CC Licenses and Public Domain (you can download the files in multiple formats from the bottom of this page)
  • Design: The original design files for the resources are available here. But if your team doesn’t have the right software or skills to complete the design work CC HQ will assist you with this.
  • Prize: rewards for all teams who complete their translations by the deadline.


3 teams who finish first get special prizes - cash prize of 1000USD & printed version of their document! All translations finished by September 30th will be printed by HQ for your team to use.

How to enter

You can participate in the sprint by following the steps below:

  1. Take a look the materials
  2. Build a team
  3. Complete the registration form
  4. Start translating
  5. Review translation
  6. Send the finished translation

1. Take a look the materials

First, take a look at the materials to see if you have the capacity to translate them[1].

2. Build a team

A team must include at least one translator and a proofreader who has not otherwise worked on the translation. There is no limit in the number of translators and proofreaders in a team; you are free to team up with as many people as you want to improve the quality of your translation and efficiency of your work. Teams with more than one translator and one proofreader must designate a lead translator and a lead proofreader beforehand. A proofreader can be an affiliate project lead or anyone who is approved by a project lead. They cannot also be a translator.

Teams can involve more than one affiliate/community group, but must agree in advance how the prize funds will be distributed between them.

3. Complete the application form

A representative (i.e. lead translator) must complete the Sprint Entry Form before starting their project. A confirmation email will be sent to the representative as well as the lead proofreader and affiliate project lead within 24 hours.

4. Translate the material

Once you have assembled and registered your team, you can start working on your translation. If you are not familiar with translation projects, please read this Translation Guide you might find useful before starting translation.

5. Review translation

Once your translators are happy with their document, the lead translator sends the finished translation files to the proofreader (approved by a CC affiliate project lead) for review. They also send any reference materials including the list of terms created by the lead translator if availble. The proofreader reviews the translation, makes modifications and suggestions and provides the feedback to the lead translator. The two then cooperate to create a final version, approved by both the lead translator and the proofreader.

6. Submit the finished translation

When finished, translations must be sent to Soohyun at by the lead proofreader, cc’ing the lead translator and, for assessment, design, and distribution along with a brief introduction of your team and a written approval of a project lead for the proofreader.

To be valid, a submission must contain the following documents:

  • a copy of the finished translation in pdf;
  • a brief introduction of your team;
  • a statement of approval from both the lead translator and the proofreader; and
  • a written approval of a project lead for the proofreader unless the project lead is the proofreader.

Prize Selection

To certify the first three translations for prize, HQ will choose a “neutral” party who speaks the language in question but did not participate in the translation to review and assess the submissions.

Prize policies

All prizes (cash or printing) will be contingent upon the translations being licensed under CC-BY. CC will not give cash prizes to any individuals or entities that are the subject of U.S. sanctions. Cash prize winners will have to sign a simple letter agreement before receiving the money. The agreement will simply confirm that the winners are responsible for any taxes on the award and that the translations will be made available under an open license.


Send any queries or feedback to




The sprint results and all submitted translations are now available here.