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To access CC Search visit or install a plugin to add a CC search helper to your browser. This page lists some options for the latter.

Please specify what the plugin you recommend does. Plugins of interest include those that provide access to as well as those that work directly with CC-filtered search at specific providers, eg Flickr and Google.

Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer

Chrome, Firefox, and IE support the OpenSearch protocol. To add CC Search to your search bar, simply visit this page and click the "Creative Commons Search" link. This link contains javascript that should automatically add Creative Commons Search capabilities to your browser.

You can also explore other available OpenSearch plugins related to "creativecommons".


You can add CC Search as a custom search engine in Opera by following these instructions within the search field on the CC Search page:

  1. In the search field, right-click and select Create Search.
  2. Type in the keyword you want to use.
  3. Click OK.


There are multiple ways to add custom search engines to Safari. The URL for a CC Search query is<search query here>: