CC Salon on Internet Information and Sharing Culture by CC China Mainland

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Salon, in Beijing, China


On the afternoon of Oct. 31st, 2011, the CC Salon on Internet Information and Sharing Culture was successfully held in the Mozilla Space of the Mozilla Online ltd. in Beijing. The salon was hosted by the Creative Commons China Mainland, aiming at building the offline communication platform for Internet sharing culture with the help of the renowned Firefox Community. Specially invited to the salon was Prof. Tyng-Ruey Chuang, the lead of the Creative Commons Taiwan, who has long been devoted to the research of Information Science. Prof. Xueyong Gu from Industrial Engineering Department of Tsinghua University was also present and gave a speech on How to Design Integrated Learning Activities Making Use of Open Source Resources. CC Salon Series have attracted much attention from the open source communities in China ever since the first launch, and this salon has invited Dan Liu, the founder of Beijing Open Party, Rachel Zhang, the community manager of Firefox, Ran Zheng, the director of online operation of Science Squirrel, Lei Zou, the system maintenance engineer of and volunteer of Wikipedia, and Justin Wang, one of the founders of the Beijing Maxpace. The participants gave introductions of their work and made in-depth discussion with each other on sharing culture. This CC salon has promoted the exchange and spread of ideas and thoughts among different domains. The participants all expressed that they had benefited a great deal and would look forward to the next CC salon.