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CC Salon, Salon, Creative Commons Salon, in Ottawa, Canada,


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On March 30th, CIPPIC and the Creative Law Society will host a Creative Commons Salon on the theme of "Open Data". This event is free and everyone is invited to participate. We're excited for this opportunity to present an excellent line-up of speakers and hope you can join us!

With the Open Data movement exploding right now, this is an opportune time to find out more about it and discuss it. Most major cities in Canada now have open data portals where municipal governments openly and freely release public sector data, such as maps, statistics and other government documents. The Canadian federal government is making open data the central focus of its Open Government Initiative in order to increase transparency and citizen participation.

As well, please note that this event is not just for data users! We will be facilitating a roundtable for data providers to discuss compatibility issues between the many disparate licenses in use in different data portals in Canada Creative Commons, which already provides the default license for open data portals in Australia and New Zealand, is renewing its focus on data for the next version of their license suite (version 4.0): this roundtable will particularly provide an opportunity to talk about how governments can make their own data portals compatible with this international standard, and about the possibilities for portals to adopt Creative Commons licenses.