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Budget consists of two parts. 1) Organizing the meeting 21.000 € 2) Publishing the papers in a book 4.000 €

The biggest part of the expenses will be reserved for the voluntary workers' and presenters' travel and hotel costs. The travel and lodging will be compensated as travel grants. Grants will be available to Nordic free culture volunteer workers and presenters who cannot otherwise participate to the meeting. The second biggest expense will be the venue rent and meals. The event will be organized in Hotel Rival in the middle of Stockholm. The salary money will be used to compensate the summit organization work.

The publishing budget will be used to buy professional graphic designer's services and for printing/mailing (transport) costs.

Other funding sources will be iCommons, which is an organization spun out of the Creative Commons organization, Finnish IPR university fund (, participation fees and sponsors. The funders and sponsors will get their logos to summit's program and to the publication.

The Nordic Culture Fund granted 10.000 Euros for the event and P2P fusion project has reserved 4000 € from its budget to organizing the event.

Budget in Euros:


The Nordic Culture Fund 10.000

iCommons 1.500

IPR University Fund 1.500

Sponsors 1.000

Participation fees 3.000

P2P Fusion 4.000

Grant X 4.000

Total 25.000


Salary 1.000

Administration 1.500

Transport 500

Travel 6.000

Accommodation 6.000

Board 3.500

Venue rent 2.500

Printed material 4.000

Total 25.000