CC0 Jurisdictional Survey Responses

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Creative Commons announced the development of the CC0 public domain dedication in late 2007 and launched CC0 1.0 in early 2009. Throughout 2008 and into 2009, CC gathered feedback from the community, CC Affiliates and Project Leads. In addition to receiving comments on various beta versions of CC0, CC also conducted a survey specifically for Legal Leads of its Jurisdiction Teams. This survey focused on better understanding the legal frameworks within which CC0 would be operating around the world. The feedback received via this survey not only guided the drafting of CC0, but also resulted in the inclusion of fall-backs to the provided waiver, including the public license. The full results of this survey are presented below.

For those whose jurisdictions were not represented in the survey, and for those who have comments to add to the information provided by their jurisdictions, the blank survey is available here. Please feel free to contribute.


Note: All rights to this publication have been surrendered with the CC0 public domain dedication by the rights holders.