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ISOC Bulgaria ()

Veni Markovski
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Many thanks to all who contributed to the localization of the license suite.

Creative Commons is working with ISOC-Bulgaria.

More about ISOC-Bulgaria

Founded in 1995, among its main aims is support free and open development of Internet in Bulgaria and freedom of speech, access to information and basic human rights in the Information Society. ISOC-Bulgaria recently has been working on changes in the legal framework in Bulgaria. Some of its latest activities include a case at the Supreme Administrative Court against the proposed licensing of ISPs (, as well as another case against the privatization of the Bulgarian Telecom to an off-shore company with no history. ISOC Bulgaria has about 400 members, among them the President of the Republic of Bulgaria, the ex-President, and the ex-Prime minister. ISOC Bulgaria is working on promoting Free and Open Source Software in the administration.

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English explanation of substantive legal changes. (PDF)

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