Board Reports/2009-12

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Summary of CC Board Meeting 5-6 Dec 2009

1. The Board re-appointed Officers for 2010:

  • President & CEO: Joichi Ito
  • Vice President, CC: Mike Linksvayer
  • Vice President, SC: John Wilbanks
  • CTO: Nathan Yergler
  • General Counsel: Diane Peters
  • Treasurer: Jennifer Yip
  • Secretary: Diane Cabell

Note: The office of General Counsel was formally established.

2. Hal Abelson, Caterina Fake, Eric Saltzman and Molly Van Houweling were reappointed to the Board for 3-year terms.

3. Joi Ito reviewed 4th quarter operations.

4. Renata Avilia, ccGuatemala project lead and invited guest of the Board, gave a presentation on her involvement with Creative Commons, and provided suggestions for enhancing participation by, and CC support for, affiliates around the world.

5. The Board approved a process for management to respond to requests for policy statements made on behalf of Creative Commons.

6. The Board considered improvements to the affiliate program, to include the following:

  • Restructuring the MOU and affiliate agreements and process, and identifying was to expand opportunities for individuals and organizations to engage with CC;
  • Creating an infrastructure to better support affiliate collaboration; and
  • Developing a process, to be approved by the Board at a future meeting by which affiliates may suggest candidate(s) for consideration by the Board for appointment to the Board of Directors, to serve as regular members of the Board and not as delegates or representatives of particular affiliates, constituencies, regions, geographies or otherwise.

7. The Board reviewed the GreenXchange program, approved the 2010 Budget, and discussed fundraising.

8. The Board established a Fundraising Committee and appointed Chair Esther Wojcicki and Board member Laurie Racine as members.

9. The Board established an Advisory Board to the Board of Directors, members to be appointed at a later date.