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Creative Commons is turning 8, and as in every year, a few parties take place across the globe to celebrate.


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Please use the general tag "cc@8" and city-specific tag (ex. "cc@8berlin") to mark materials from your party.


Anyone who uses, cares about, or is a fan of Creative Commons, anywhere in the world.


CC friends, fans, and supporters across the globe are invited to find creative ways of celebrating the past seven years of CC successes and growth. We want to celebrate Creative Commons using the same ideals of openness, innovation, collaboration, and freedom that are central to CC, so the possibilities are limitless: create a remix or video, bake “CC” cupcakes, host a screening of a CC-licensed film, organize an informal salon or meet-up, plan an event around Public Domain Day on January 1, the list goes on. What CC has accomplished in just seven years is phenomenal and worth celebrating in any form!

Let’s mark the week of December 16th (and beyond!) as a celebration of free culture, creativity, and knowledge! Use the tag CC@8 and add any and all photos/videos/blogs/etc. to this Wiki page or email them to development[at] so we can highlight how people are celebrating CC.


Throughout the week of December 16, 2010.


Add yours to #Parties.

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