Birthday Party 2007 Manila

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[[Venue:=Arellano University School of Law|]] [[Address:=Taft Avenue corner Menlo Street|]] [[City:=Pasay|]] {{#if:Metro Manila|[[State:=Metro Manila|]]|}} {{#if:|[[Postal Code:={{{postal}}}|]]|}} [[Country:=Philippines|]] [[Date:=December 15, 2007 06:00:00 AM UTC|]]

Creative Commons was born December 2002, and to celebrate we're inviting the CC Community worldwide to join the party!


CC Birthday Cake from CC Philippines. CC-BY 3.0 PH by Berne Guerrero

Event write-up on CC PH's blog and Press Release

A. Ladder to main:

1. Introduction to Creative Commons and Creative Commons Philippines

  • Speaker: Atty. Jaime N. Soriano, CC-PH jurisdiction project lead

2. Introduction to Creative Commons Philippine Licenses

  • Speaker: Atty. Michael Vernon M. Guerrero, CC-PH jurisdiction deputy project lead

3. Soft launch of Creative Commons Philippine licenses (prelude to license hard launch on 14 January 2008)

4. Soft launch of the Philippine Commons (relates to CC licensing, FLOSS, OpenEd, Free Culture, etc.)

B. Main:

1. CC 5th Birthday Party (includes free discussion, food, and alcohol)