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Conference in Cambridge, MA


The agenda is now online -- including sessions on:

  • Anonymity, Privacy and Identity: Towards a Bill of User rights
  • Democratized and Distributed Innovation
  • The Dilemma of Games: Moral choice in a Digital World
  • Framing the Net: What We Say is What We Get
  • The Global Internet: Emerging Tech in Emerging Markets
  • Internet Censorship and Surveillance: A Multi-Stakeholder Response
  • The Musician and the Scientist Write the Code: Protocols for Compensation and Openness
  • Netizenship: Engaging with Race and Diversity Online
  • Networked News and Public Discourse
  • Open Access: Problems of Collective Action and Promises of Civic Engagement
  • Political Mobilization, the Internet and the 2008 Elections
  • Technology and Political Transparency