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OKFN Belgium (NGO)
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Yannick H'Madoun
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Creative Commons Belgium is a joint venture between Open Knowledge Foundation Belgium, Constant vzw and the Centre de recherche information, droit et société of the University of Namur in cooperation with Creative Commons International, a not-for-profit organization, founded in 2001, that promotes the creative re-use of intellectual and artistic works.

Creative Commons Belgium has been working on promoting and supporting the use of Creative Commons Licenses in Belgium from 2006 until 2010 and has rebooted it's activities in 2012 after a short period of inactivity. Our activities include workshops, presentations, on and offline support as well as academic research into legal questions raised by the use of the Creative Commons licenses.

To maximize our potential we've decided to team up with the Belgian chapter of the Open Knowledge Foundation. As CC Belgium and OKFN Belgium are practically pursuing the same goals of promotion and education concerning "the power of open" we concluded that we could mutually benefit from an extensive form of collaboration. In practice this means that CC Belgium will constitute a new workgroup within the organization of OKFN Belgium and of course we are looking for joint projects wherever possible. We are always looking to expand and consolidate our network and if anyone might be interested to make a contribution to the CC Belgium project, you are more then welcome to join our team. You can get in touch by subscribing to the mailinglist:


CC Belgium would like to thank Prof. Alain Strowel (University of St-Louis, Brussels) for his assistance and is indebted to Philippe Laurent and Loïc Bodson from IPR department and CRIDS for their support and legal expertise in porting version 2.0 of the licenses. The Dutch version was prepared by Mélanie Carly, researcher at CIR (Centrum voor Intellectuele Rechten), University of Leuven.

License History

License draft in English (PDF).

License draft in Dutch (PDF).

License draft in French (PDF).

Explanation of substantive legal changes in all three languages (PDF).

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