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Festival, in Barcelona, Spain, Europe


From 18th to 22nd May Barcelona will become the global showcase of the Creative Commons film industry. More than 800 minutes, 3 venues and the best movies in CC are the basic ingredients of BccN Barcelona Creative Commons Film Festival, the world leader in this new way of filmmaking.

This platform is the link between the cinema industry, filmmakers and their audience, and provides news and solutions to the problems of copyright in the digital age. And it does so precisely in Spain, the world leader in using Creative Commons licenses with over 10 million registered works.

Recent work licensed under CC will be shown in the official cattegories of fiction, documentary and short films. Titles include "Die Beauty" by Stina Bergman, which is being premiered in Spain after its success at the box office in Sweden, and "¡Copiad, malditos” (“Copy, darns!”), the controversial documentary by Stéphane M. Grueso, which explains the problems of copyright in filmmaking and is the first work in CC financed by Spanish public television. BccN will show for the first time in Catalonia "An Island," a documentary by Vincent Moon about the Danish band Efterklang. This film will be introduced by a surprise guest.

The most innovative projects created in Spain, including "Tweet Peli" (a collaborative film made exclusively from Twitter) will present images exclusively at the festival. BccN will also promote important debates with key players in the film industry through various forums, such as a roundtable on “The new models of cinema."

In addition, BccN is promoting local talent in Made in Barcelona, a competitive section of short films by new filmmakers from Barcelona. The winner will be chosen by the audience. The films will be introduced by their directors by videoconference, an example of how new technologies in the digital age can have a positive impact on the film industry and its audience. The activities are free and will be held in the auditorium of the Institut Français of Barcelona, equipped with 330 seats and a screen 7 meters wide. It is the perfect place to enjoy films as usually, and of course, with popcorn.

In conclusion, BccN 2011 will present a wide arc with the most outstanding and pioneering projects developed in an economically sustainable model which recognizes that the author is, in short, the owner of his work.

The first festival that can be copied

BccN is the first Film Festival registered under a Creative Commons license, with the philosophy "copy this festival". This means that the festival itself is available for download, copying, remixing, redistribution and projecting for free anywhere in the world.

BccN's team is responsible for providing the artwork, films, recordings, etc. of the festival, to decide what changes to make in terms of its audiences, venues and dates. Thus, some confirmed copies are Bucharest, Krakow, Belgrade, Leipzig and Zurich.

Moreover, BccN offers various activities throughout the year, allowing visitors the opportunity to learn about CC cinema with filmmakers (BccN Talks) and short film screenings (BccN Tournées), such those held in Maumau, Barcelona Visual Sound, B/Art Conferences, and others.

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