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CC Australia

Affiliate Team Roadmap

  • Date submitted: 23 December 2010
  • Timespan of this roadmap: January 2011 – December 2011


Social network:

Team information

Jurisdiction: Australia


  • Professor Brian Fitzgerald (Co-Project Lead)
  • Professor Tom Cochrane (Co-Project Lead)
  • Nicolas Suzor (Project Officer)
  • Elliott Bledsoe (Project Officer)
  • Cheryl Foong (Project Officer)
  • Rami Olwan (PhD student/Project Officer)
  • Kylie Pappalardo (PhD student/Project Officer)
  • Professor Anne Fitzgerald (Affiliated Researcher)

Region: Asia- Pacific

Most recent ported licences


  • Government. Government departments, agencies and staff (copyright officers, web managers etc) who are responsible for the implementation of ‘open government’ policy and open access in public sector information.
  • Cultural institutions. GLAMs (i.e. Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums) and community spaces which manage Australian cultural and historical collections, and recognise the benefits of open access to these important materials to the community.
  • Creative Industries. Creators in the industry (professional or non-professional) who consider open access as part of a viable business model.
  • Research sector. Research organizations and repositories which licence their results and data under open access licensing terms, to enable open exchange in the research space.
  • Education. Institutions and projects promoting the creation and use of open educational resources.

Priorities for 2011

  • Promote the use of CC BY Au as the default standard for publicly-funded information, research and cultural collections.
  • Provide presentations and training across all sectors
  • Continue documenting and facilitating case studies on the uptake of CC licences.
  • Run an international conference on CC.

Web resources

  • Along with our social media channels (Twitter and facebook) we aim to keep the website up to date with news, events and case studies highlighting the efforts of local CC champions in Australia.
  • We recently gave our homepage ( a facelift. The new site is much easier to navigate. Because the uptake of CC here in Australia is becoming more and more prominent, we have introduced sector launch pages that conveniently couple sector-focused information with filtered content about that sector from the main blog. This makes it easier to keep up with information on CC uptake in the Creative Industries, Education or by Governments here in Australia.


  • We have established strong collaborative relationships with our colleagues in the U.S., and Asia Pacific region.
  • Particularly in the area of Creative Commons and government, we have forged and maintained constructive relationships with Richard Best (Department of Internal Affairs) and Keitha Booth (State Services Commission) of the Creative Commons New Zealand team.
  • We are working on building stronger relations with CC Indonesia.