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Association Africa Heritage is a none profit making organisation for the promotion of African art and culture in particular and Africa tradition in general in the field of music, dance, theatre, folklore and other arts forms. Association Africa Heritage was founded by Kris Umoebit as a focal point for promoting the rich arts and culture of Africa and its greater potentials to the world.The organisation is registered under the Spanish law. AIMS AND OBJECTIVE

The Asociacion tries to achieve this object, among other things, by:

- organising forestage performances;

- organising annual cultural festivals and carnivals and other suitable means;

- carrying out cultural educational programmes in schools and other educational institutions;

- establishing a centre for cultural development, research, exhibition, training and documentation.

- establishing a grassroots media outfit (radio/television and the print media)

- raising subsidies and funds from sponsors /donors;

- contributing and attending arts and cultural conferences and events in all parts of the world;

- being closely involve and cooperating with persons and organisations, which have a similar objectives.