Alps Salon 2009

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Salon in Vienna, Austria



  • open everything
  • DIY, Maker Scene
  • open source ecology


  • 09/11/09
  • 11.09.09 (german)


  • Austria, Vienna, Museumsquartier, RaumD


  • Michel Bauwens
  • Franz Nahrada
  • Ralf Schlatterbeck


  • Ben Dagan
  • Roland Alton Scheidl | OS Alliance
  • Thomas Thurner | netculturelab
  • Georg Pleger | Austrian Computer Alliance


The Creative Commons Alps Salon, as part of the Paraflows Festival for digital culture, is going to take place on the 11th of September at 19:30 in the Museumsquartier (RaumD). The in Thailand living author, Michel Bauwens will present open:everything in Vienna: a theoretical framework for appearances in the open media society (Wikipedia, Open Source, Creative Commons). Bauwens, known as one of the leading theorists in the field of digital society will, beside his introduction on open:everything, show the external effects and the social change, which evolves from it, which shows that “open” covers a much broader bandwidth of issues than most people in the mainstream would think. Further more, we will present projects and movements, which can be realised with openness, such as the maker scene, which distinguishes itself from classical DIY with their common infrastructure, decline of commercial dependencies and Lock – ins, which stresses the value of self made tools such as the RepRap, a 3D printer, which will be demonstrated at the salon. The project open source ecology is another example, how openness can be applied. A farm in Missouri is being used as a laboratory for a whole world of open source technology. The main question, which is tried to be answered with this project, is, if peer production can hack into material economy and what social, ecological and cultural perspectives could emerge from it. Open everything, collaborative projects and we, live from the community Creative Commons Austria, the netculturelab and the Austrian Computer Society invite you to get to know the community.