"CC Friends Party" in Korea

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Location Location::Club Tool, Seoul, Korea
Date Date::2009/12/17 [[end_date::2009/12/17|]]

2009 CC Hopeday “CC Friends Party” for those who enjoy sharing their knowledge and experiences

This year 'CC Hopeday in Korea' is organized by various communities including TEDx Seoul, TEDx myeongdong, TEDx Sookmyung, OpenCourseWare Consortium and Ignite Korea, whose major concerns are sharing knowledge and experiences.

Many of you who participate in an event like this tend to see only the results of an effort to propagate and share the knowledge and experiences. However, it is all too easy to overlook the assiduous efforts made by those who prepared the event.

At this year's CC Hopeday in Korea, we wish to offer an opportunity to get a glimpse of behind stories; what annoyed them most, what keeps them doing what they do, and what insight they acquired through their efforts. Those who busied themselves in the backstage including the preparation committee and the volunteers would be the stars of this event. Come and share their stories and experiences.

We named the event 'CC Friends' as all those who share their knowledge and experiences are friends. You are all invited to this event as our friends.

You can watch this event at http://livestream.com/cckorea. It will start at 10:00am(GTM).