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请帮助支持Creative Commons。Creative Commons的存在是因为我们社群的捐赠和其他帮助。

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License your work!

Creative Commons licenses would do little without enthusiastic use by creators across disciplines. See the licensing page for information about choosing a license. In order to make sure your audience understands the license you have chosen, follow our marking standards on how to correctly label your work.


Creative Commons gives professionals a new way of looking at licensing their work. Explore the Case Studies section to see how other professionals have done this and learn from their experiences.


The primary goal of the Creative Commons Developer Community (CCDC) is to build a community of developers around the development of tools facilitating Creative Commons' licenses and standards.

College Students

College students can participate with CC through Students for Free Culture, an international student organization working to promote free culture ideals, such as cultural participation and access to information. One of the best ways to get involved with FreeCulture.org is by getting involved with your local chapter.


If you're a lawyer and don't see your jurisdiction listed on creativecommons.org/international? Then consider collaborating with us to begin the license porting process in your area: Worldwide Overview (The Porting Process).


The Documentation page is a page for critical documentation about large scale CC specifications, recommendations, white papers, tutorials and other pieces that need to be written to explain various facets of Creative Commons across the board. Use this media to help spread the word about Creative Commons and create more documentation!

Content Directories

Content Directories is a list of organizations and projects powered with Creative Commons licenses. Since Creative Commons does not have maintain a database of content and does not store content, we're aiming for community members to help build a directory of projects to help spread the word about CC--hence the CC Content Directories wiki! Please help us fill it out so everyone can see the great projects that are producing a wealth of CC-licensed open content.


Help us by spreading the word about our metrics detailing license usage and adoption internationally. Researchers, please also use this page to do analysis and further provide evidence of trends in use of Creative Commons licenses.

Join us online

or on one of these sites:

Join us in first life

The CC Salon is a semi-regular event focused on building a community of artists and developers around Creative Commons licenses, standards, and technology. Although started in San Francisco, due to vigor of the CC community, more and more Salons are popping up around the world all the time. Be sure to check if there is a Salon in your city. If not, and you are interested in starting one, let us know so we can help you out w/ some schwag and publicity!

Check out or start a Creative Commons or CC-related event!


The core Creative Commons licenses have been legally and linguistically adapted to the national law in many jurisdictions around the world. This work is carried out by affiliated teams of legal experts and other interested stakeholders. Our international wiki portal includes further information about legal issues, events, and guidelines to the license porting process.

Also Visit Creative Commons Wikipedia Pages in Your Language

If you tire of this site, check out articles about Creative Commons in the language of your choice: Català, Česky, Dansk, Deutsch, English, Español, Français, 한국어, Italiano, עברית, Magyar, Nederlands, 日本語, Norsk (bokmål), Norsk (nynorsk), Polski, Português, Simple English, Suomi, Svenska, Tagalog, ไทย, Turkish, 中文