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MozCC 2, released in August 2006, is a rewrite of the original MozCC Firefox Extension targeted specifically at Gecko 1.8.1 browsers. The first Gecko 1.8.1 browser supported in the Firefox 2 beta (Bon Echo). MozCC 2 was developed to address the following goals:

Provide isolation for different types of metadata linking.
Metadata may be attached to a web page in many different ways, including by embedding in a comment, linking via a <meta> tag, or RDFa. MozCC 1.x handled all embedding methods in a single loop which made it difficult to test one in isolation or add new functionality.
Improve performance of metadata extraction
Using the new mozStorage backed persistent metadata store, MozCC can now be smarter about the use of resources. For example, if a page hasn't changed since the last time you browsed to it, MozCC won't check for new metadata.

These goals were met during the MozCC 2 development cycle. Most of the improvements took place under the hood, in ways that will probably not be obvious to many users. One user-visible change is the addition of the Page Info view.

Page Info view

While MozCC 1.x provided a dedicated dialog for inspecting license information, MozCC 2 integrates with the browser. Metadata found while browsing is now displayed as part of Page Info, in the Metadata tab. For example, when browsing the Creative Commons web page, Page Info would display something like this:

Mozcc2 page info.png