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Below you'll find existing translations for CC Documentation. Source files can be downloaded at Documentation#Creative_Commons_Explained.

Creative Commons Explained

Documents that aim to explain CC and licensing.

Fact sheets created by ccAustralia

Using the Creative Commons Licences

Using Creative Commons Content

CC Learn Productions

Top 5 Docs

These are in order of general relevance and promotion.

  1. CC Learn Explanations: Open Educational Resources and Creative Commons Licensing (pdf) (odt)
  2. CC Learn Recommendations: Why CC BY? (pdf) (odt)
  3. What status for “open”? An examination of the licensing policies of open educational organizations and projects (pdf) (odt)
  4. Publishing Your Open Educational Resources on the Internet (pdf) (odt)
  5. Increase Funding Impact (pdf) (odt)

CC Learn Reports