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Creative Commons is currently transfering the management of translations for our web site and open source software projects from Pootle to [http://www.transifex.net/projects/p/CC/ Transifex]. During this process, the references to Pootle and related materials in this page are out of date.

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There are several opportunities for translators to get involved with Creative Commons projects.

Creative Commons uses Pootle to manage translations for the web site and our open source software projects. We wrote a set of tutorials on using Pootle for translations. Information on translating using gettext and poEdit is also available.


The license engine, deeds and legal code hosted at creativecommons.org are all translated directly by CC jurisdiction partner institutions. While there are usually people at the partner institutions who handle these translations, you can request to become a member of the translation team for any given language using the directions below under For Translators.

For CC Project Leads To set up translations for your jurisdiction's language(s), please:

  1. Select one or more people to manage your translations
  2. Each translator should create an account as described below

For Translators

  1. Go to Transifex.net and create an account. Once you have validated your email address, log in.
  2. Go to the Translation Teams tab for the Creative Commons project.
    • If a team already exists for the language that interestes you, then click on that language and then click the "Join this team" button, which will allow you to send a message to the coordinator for that language asking then to allow you to become a member of that team.
    • If a team doesn't yet exist for the language that interests you then simply click the "Request a new team" button at the bottom of the list of available teams. This will send an email to the administrator for the Creative Commons project requesting the new team.


We'd like every page on this wiki to be translated into as many languages as possible. See CcWiki:Translate for details.


Learn about Creative Commons with CC videos. Translation information and source assets for some videos can be found at Videos.


View more documentation and existing translations of CC flyers, specifications, recommendations, white papers, and tutorials.

  1. What is Creative Commons? flyer (pdf) (scribd.com)
  2. What is Creative Commons? (pdf) (scribd.com)
  3. Sharing Creative Works Comics - A general introduction to copyright and CC licensing
  4. Licensing and Marking Content (pdf) (scribd.com)
  5. Creative Commons Integration With Your Website (pdf) (scribd.com)

Open source projects

Our open source project translations are maintained on our Pootle server. Create an account there and start translating!