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== Updating and revising mozCC ==
== Updating and revising mozCC ==
* '''Developer:''' [[User:Landan Hicks|Landan Hicks]]
* '''Developer:''' [[User:LandanHicks|Landan Hicks]]
* '''Mentor:''' [[User:NathanYergler|Nathan Yergler]]
* '''Mentor:''' [[User:NathanYergler|Nathan Yergler]]
* '''Project Page:''' ?
* '''Project Page:''' ?

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Updating and revising mozCC

Extend functionality of Banshee to handle licensing claims

Implementing EXIF Metadata in ccPublisher and Uploading the Results to Flickr.com

ccPublisher support for uploading works to ccHost installations

  • Developer: Bruno Dilly
  • Mentor: Jon Phillips
  • Project Page: Adding support for uploading to ccHost from ccPublisher
  • Description: The project is to implement a new feature in CcPublisher. It is a brilliant tool, that tags audio and video files with information about license and uploads them to the Internet Archive. It's practical because the user doesn't need to open a browser and search how to upload stuff. If the user could upload to other sites that use CcHost, even better.
  • Blog: ?