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  • That's it; you're all set. -y YEAR, --year=YEAR The copyright year for the files
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  • <title>%s</title> <collection>%s</collection>
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  • comparada, in e-colabora “Revista de ciencia, educación, innovación y cultura apoyadas por Redes de Tecnología Avanzada”, Colombia, vol. 1, n. ..., Paul. Las promesas de la red y sus implicaciones. Revista de Universidad y Sociedad del Conocimiento, RUSC, Vol. 8, n. 1, 2011, pp. 272-287. [http://r
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  • [16:15] Dexter Aquitaine gave you Dexter's PhD draft outline. [16:18] Cyrus Huffhines: now didn't joe thomas do something on route 66 for pbs a few years back? right
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  • ...stly at master's and research levels. Madras University has prescribed Joy's Total Project Management even for M.Com. (Banking) programme. ...Bitterroot (New York) edited by Menke Katz, Reflect (Norfolk) edited by W.S. Kennedy, and The Plowman (Ontario, Canada) edited by Tony Scavetta, besid
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  • is an example of the beauty that can be created when two people who don't know each other interact without limits or pressure to do what they really Pablo Arrieta, who knew about CC Mixter, in a small studio in my sister's house I re-recorded a cappella the song "Nada,nada", without any expectatio
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  • Doing a simply query relies on the ''CCDatabase'' object's static methods. Every Query API request requires a dataview. If you don't specify one then '''ccdataviews/default.php''' is used.
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  • ...s, mediante reportes periodísticos, los usuarios descubrieron este cambio y respondieron protestando. Facebook entonces volvío a los Terminos de uso a ...48030774 Facebook Bill of Rights and Responsibilities]' (Carta de Derechos y Responsabilidades) al que denominaremos BoRR en adelante.
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  • Don't many people dream of hearing their hit songs played on radio? Don't vast numbers ring talk shows to have their 5 minutes of say? The Web has now made it possible to set up not just one's own radio show but an entire station. What takes their station beyond even
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  • ...information for each link. Then remove the link from this page so it doesn't get added a second time. ...istacc.pdf Scripta]<br />''Creative Commons – Latin America. Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja. 2008.''<br /> Available Format: [http://www.utpl
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  • ...nd video techniques, web platforms and networks. A guide to the workshop’s topics and DIY manuals will be available online. ...Mexico, and has successfully crossed over to the United States, where it’s championed by migrants, and not only Mexicans. Its circuit does also cover
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  • ...ibliotecas El sistema de Servicios de Información y Bibliotecas (SISIB)], y la ONG Derechos Digitales (ONG DD) para adaptar las licencias de Creative C Prof. Alberto Cerda Silva] (Fundador de CDD) y [ Gabriela Ortuzar] (Director SISIB)
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  • ...graphiques, comme des cartes routières, à qui en a besoin. Le projet a été lancé, car la plupart des cartes supposées être gratuites, ont en fait ...ographier ce qui était, à ce moment-là, une situation géographique très incomplète, aidant ceux qui étaient sur le terrain à se rendre là où o
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  • Shaman y Los Pilares de la Creación], a copyleft musical band, will be playing some ...Catherine Casserly welcomes attendees to the conference, and discusses CC's core direction and strategy for the next 5 years.
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