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Creative Commons uses Subversion repositories at Sourceforge and for maintaining project source code. Subversion (svn) clients are included with Linux and Mac OS X. Windows users can use Tortoise SVN.

Available Modules

Checking Out Source

From Sourceforge

The Sourceforge Subversion repository is accessed over https. You can check out the entire repository (all projects, branches, tags, trunk and all; not recommended) with the following command:

 $ svn co

For a particular project, we specify a specify module. For example, the following command can be used to check out the trunk of CcHost into a directory named cchost:

 $ svn co cchost

Note that a username and password is only required when performing a write operation to the repository. Subversion will prompt for a password as needed. If Subversion prompts for a password for the incorrect username, simply press Enter, and Subversion will prompt for the username.

From Berlios

See the ccTools Subversion Information page for details on checking out code from