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File Type Information
Supports embedding license URL: supports_license_url::True
Supports embedding web statement: supports_web_statement::False
Supports embedding more permissions: supports_more_permissions::False
Metadata Location: [[Metadata location::{{{metadata_location}}}]] | (unknown) }}
Metadata Format: [[Metadata format::{{{metadata_format}}}]] | (unknown) }}

SMIL (multimedia playlists) includes support for RDF/XML metadata. You can use the Creative Commons Module to include licensing information.

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Developer Challenges

We need examples of including license metadata in SMIL for the purposes of denoting that a SMIL playlist itself is published under a Creative Commons license or that individual components of the playlist are licensed. Even better if you can use dc:source to specify parent playlists/works. (SVG has similar support for RDF/XML metadata.) Read more about the motivation in this cc-metadata post.