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This page details Creative Commons and the Creative Commons Community's involvement in the One Laptop Per Child project. This page really detailed the earlier effort of Creative Commons to help on the OLPC project, but now the current work is on the OLPC wiki.



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Open Content Portal

NOTE: This work is now being folded into the Open Library project.

  • website
  • focused on children (and other users)
  • allows both upload/download

Find and Publish Mechanism

COMPLETE: This work is now complete and and called liblicense. There are other standards for empowering this, but lets consider this a good job done.

Pre-existing Content

  • (WONTFIX) Get all content on the device licensed with CC licenses
  • (DONE) Get all documentation and printed matter CC licensed


  • (TODO) Make a licensing activity that explains licensing and how it works on the OLPC