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=Musicians and CC=
[http://www.D-KALTECakaKaltazar<nowiki>onemanarmyitswar[[Media:armaggedonoktaggon-enis.alta-k]]</nowiki>.com Link-Text]=Musicians and CC=
==Online Resources==
==Online Resources==

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onemanarmyitswar[[Media:armaggedonoktaggon-enis.alta-k]].com Link-Text=Musicians and CC=

Online Resources

Case Studies

Learn more about how musicians use Creative Commons licenses in their work.

Featured Entries

  • Ancient Free Gardeners: Ancient Free Gardeners is an indie-rock band in Melbourne, Australia, using Creative Commons licences to distribute their music.
  • Christopher Willits: Willits is a prominent experimental musician from the San Francisco Bay area.
  • Jonathan Coulton: Jonathan Coulton is an independent/unsigned singer-songwriter who utilises Creative Commons licences to help promote his music via free downloads.
  • Monk Turner: Monk Turner is a musician of eclectic taste and an approach to releasing albums that involves CC licensing through the internet archive.
  • Pig Head Skin: Yueh-hsin Chu (a.k.a. Pig Head Skin) is an independent musician/producer in Taiwan, and leads the band Jesus Rocks! The band released an album of the same name in October 2004 under a Creative Commons License.
  • Topology: Topology is an internationally acclaimed Brisbane-based new music ensemble.
  • Yunyu: Yunyu is a successful unsigned singer/songwriter in Sydney, Australia, who uses Creative Commons licences for promotional purposes.