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This page provides a brief description of changes that are included in each release of MozCC.

MozCC 2.4.3

Released: 15 February 2007

  • Corrected regression in Firefox support.
  • Updated attribution icon to newer style.

MozCC 2.4.2

Released: 15 February 2007

  • Bug fixing, continuing to stomp out Javascript warnings
  • Support for Songbird (0.2.5 and later)

MozCC 2.4.1

Released: 7 February 2007

  • Follow license links specified with RDFa to retrieve additional metadata about the license attributes.
  • Improved performance in <link rel="meta" ...> handling by using XPath instead of DOM manipulations.

MozCC 2.4.0

Released: 1 February 2007

  • Corrected problem with status bar information disappearing when the user navigates away, then clicks Back.
  • Disabled parsing the page metadata when loading from the browser cache.

MozCC 2.3.9

Released: 22 January 2007

  • Rewrite of RDFa extractor and parser.
  • Performance improvements when visiting a page with many <link> tags.
  • Corrected compatibility problems with other extensions, including Operator.
  • Restored status bar icons for license attributes.