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How to download and burn your own LiveContent v1.0 LiveCD

Please help us test out the functionality of LiveContent v1.0! We've hosted the disk image (.iso) of v1.0 on a server, which can be found at From there, click on the file titled ccLiveContent-LATEST. Choose where to save the .iso file on your machine. After the file has completed downloading, you'll need to burn it to a CD. Burning a disk image to a CD is different than burning a music CD. Check out PC instructions for doing so here and Mac instructions here.

How to boot LiveContent

After the .iso image has been burned onto a CD, you've created a LiveCD! LiveCDs run operating systems and applications directly from the CD. So, put the CD in your CD drive and reboot your computer. While your computer is rebooting, hold down the appropriate "boot from disk" key. (This is normally the "C" key on Macs and the "F12" key on PCs). When the boot menu pops up, choose the option "run from CD." LiveContent will now boot up and your system will be running exclusively from the LiveCD.

Note: LiveContent v1.0 can only boot from Intel-based machines.

What is open content?

What is Creative Commons?

What is FOSS?

What can I do with this LiveCD?