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  • Initial release. (done)
  • All CC licenses. (done)
  • CLI tools. (done)
  • Modules. (done)
    • Exempi embed. (done)
    • Exempi XMP sidecar. (done)
  • Make light blog post about release on techblog, explain early state (done)


  • Optimization - namely caching in some way. Should not access file every attribute request.
  • Gnome tools. (done)
    • Nautilus frontend. (done)
    • Gnome settings frontend. (done)
    • GTK License chooser. (See mockups) (done)
  • File embed preference over external storage. (Use external only as needed.) (done)
  • Store default jurisdiction. (done - default license is in default jurisdiction)
  • Modules.
    • vorbiscomment (done)
    • ...
  • Do big release on main CC blog and across various chat and mailing lists to pick-up people, lots of them...
  • Do liblicense 03 release todo
  • RELEASED 2007-08-03


0.5 (really 0.5.1)

  • Migrate to ABI compatibility with current exempi
  • Ensure we have reasonable ABI + versioning ourselves
  • Release fixes for all those segfaults (oops)
  • Package for Debian unstable
  • RELEASED 2008-01-15


  • our own (boo hiss) string comparator that tries pointer quality then a safe strcmp - GCC's builtin strcmp may already do this
  • verification link support
  • morePermission support
  • Tests actually assert; all tests pass
  • ensure all functions, etc are documented w/Doxygen


  • Fix Python bindings
  • Bump ABI + SONAME


  • Add PD as option
  • Integration with Eye of Gnome
  • scout out and flesh out basic video support
  • Add support for Miro (for linkback verification and embedding in video formats)
  • KDE Integration so they can take KDE items up stream and depend on liblicense


  • more!


  • more!